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Hey y’all!


The name’s Tuna, the office cool cat. A bit about me: two year-old lady (that’s like… 24 to you guys), leo sun/pisces moon, who loves basking in the sun and staying on the prowl.


I’m of the mind that it’s just not summer until you’ve got the right tunes. You know, something that makes you move and groove, that really makes the soul purr… Vibe is key. It’s got to be hot like the blazing sun that melts you down like a ice cream cone in the Brooklyn heat, then brings you right back up for the long, long night.

Lucky for you, I found time between naps to put a little something together for you. It’s got a little bit of everything: new hits, classics, and some curveballs to put you on some new stuff. Take a listen and catch my wave.



Ps. don’t you dare disrespect me by shuffling...

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  • I’ve just heard of your awesome products, can’t wait to try them for my little Maxie 🐶

    Laura on

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