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Pet Focused

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To meet our promise of being a pet-focused brand, the kin+kind team answers a simple question: does each and every product safely and effectively improve the quality of life for our pets? That means more premium ingredients and eco-friendly processes. It means an end product that works. This is how we do it.

  • Vet Tested and Approved: We start by understanding what challenges are most common for our pets - whether it is itchy skin or achy joints - and build natural solutions designed, tested, and approved by our dedicated veterinarian. We don’t just make products: we solve problems safely and effectively.

  • Cruelty Free: Because we design and test our products with our own team, we can guarantee a process free of animal cruelty. Animal testing is unreliable, wasteful, and harmful.

  • Mixed by Hand in the USA: US manufacturing not only protects American workers, but also ensures that everything for your pet is made under the world’s safest manufacturing conditions. That is why we hand-mix all of our products in our own US facility. Our commitment to U.S. manufacturing goes all the way to packaging - all of our bottles, labels, and boxes are made entirely in the United States. And we never settle for good enough. That’s why kin+kind pays a living wage well above legal minimum wage, including health care for every employee.

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