Cruelty Free

Lab testing on animals is cruel. That's why kin+kind guarantees that no item in its supply chain has ever relied on lab testing.

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Why It Matters

Leaping Bunny Certification

Our Leaping Bunny Certification provides the best assurance that our products and ingredients are free of animal testing. Leaping Bunny certification goes beyond current laws and requires that brands:

  • Adhere to a fixed cut-off date, an unalterable data after which neither the brand nor any of its suppliers and/or manufacturers may conduct. commission or be party to animal tests.
  • Set up a Supplier Monitoring System to ensure all their suppliers and manufacturers comply with Leaping Bunny criteria.
  • Be open to independent audits to ensure their Supplier Monitoring System adheres to the Leaping Bunny Standard.
  • Renew their commitment to the Leaping Bunny Program annually.

Are you buying Animal Cruelty?

Conventional flea+tick products use risky ingredients.
Because of that, the EPA requires cruel animal lab testing
to guarantee safety. That often involves exposing caged
dogs and cats to hungry fleas for days. Yikes!

Since all our ingredients are pre-approved by the EPA,
we don't have to use any cruelty to guarantee safety.