Plant-Powered Pet Care

Our vet-formulated products use advanced plant-based ingredients for happier pets and a healthier planet.

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Vet Formulated
GMO Free
Cruelty Free
Hand Mixed in the USA

Easy Application

Flea & Tick Shampoo

To treat flea or tick infestations, apply shampoo from head to tail and avoid the eyes. (Nobody wants soapy eyes.) Massage deeply to ensure skin and coat are completely lathered. Leave for two minutes and rinse well.

Flea & Tick Repel Spray

Shake before each use. Turn the locking tab located below the sprayer head to the open position. Spray your pet's coat thoroughly until slightly damp. Apply before outdoor adventures like parks, hiking, hunting, or other significant exposure to pests.

With our advanced plant science, we've developed a tougher lotion-like spray for all-day adventures. The thick texture sprays easily and smoothly and stays on for long lasting protection.

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Clean Pet Care

Good for pets, people and the planet.

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