Summer Holiday

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Guys, I need a vacation. Honestly. I’ve got a very full schedule every day of naps and running through the house to train know, chasing things. Then my human comes home, and he wants allllll this attention. It. Is. Exhausting. I need a getaway, and I need it fast.

After chatting with my pup pals, we came up with a plan. We know you guys are busy too, doing whatever it is you do when you leave in the morning… (seriously, what do you do?) Anyways, we did the leg work for you and made a list of pet-friendly places you can take us. You’re welcome.

  • Asheville, NC – Near the Appalachian Trail so there’s plenty of hiking for the pups, the city is profoundly walkable and has lots of unique shops. Looking to wet your whistle? You’re in luck, because it has one of the highest rates of breweries per capita in the US! Then there’s Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne bar where dogs eat and drink free! Champagne + pups? Yes pls.
  • Bar Harbor, ME - Let’s go here. Really tho. There’s sooo much nature to see, both in the mountains and seaside, and Acadia National Park has a special off-leash area so we can roam free! And with tons of pet-friendly restaurants too, you’ll never have to leave your pup behind! Isn’t that just a dream?
  • Portland, OR – Tbh… I mostly want to go to Tiny Shed Garden Cafe so you can order me food from their doggy menu. Don’t worry though, it’s free with your human food! Portland is a very pedestrian-friendly city too, so we can totally just have a city day! They also have tons of parks, and we can go to the Saturday Market together!
  • San Luis Obispo, CA – Oh, SLO. This adorable county has it all – waterways, mountains, great food and drink, and friendly locals (it’s been ranked one of the country’s friendliest towns). The best part about it, though, is the journey to get there. San Luis Obispo is just a three hour drive north of Los Angeles, right up the scenic Pacific Coast Highway. Along the way are countless animal spotting/walking opportunities and some of the most beautiful seaside views that you’ll ever witness. Oh, and Oprah loves it. ‘Nuff said.
  • San Francisco, CA – ranked #1 most dog friendly city in the US by HuffPost! Take a stroll to see the Golden Gate Bridge, snap a photo with your pup for Instagram, and grab a bite at one of the 100+ dog-friendly restaurants in the city! It also has the second-highest amount of dog parks per capita, so there are plenty of places to let your furry friend play.

Ugh, so many great options! We should’ve gone like...yesterday.


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