Q: Why does your shampoo have low suds? Is it still working?

A: Yes! Conventional shampoos use chemical additives that create sudsing, but suds don’t clean, soap does. Our shampoos are free of chemical additives, so fret not if they sud less than conventional options! They’re still hard at work to keep that mane tamed. 

Pro Tip! You may notice that our shampoo initially feels a little slick on the coat after rinsing. That’s the natural glycerine from the oils. It coats the fur and skin to seal and draw in moisture, which is what makes our shampoo so hydrating. When you rinse too much, you’re washing away the best part!

Q: What is “sulfate-free,” and why should I care?

A: Sulfates are chemical cleaning agents that are used in most conventional shampoos to clean your hair. They aren’t harmful, but they strip hair of natural oils that help keep it hydrated, which can often lead to a dry, dull coat. Our shampoos use a natural, organic oil base that gently cleans the coat without removing its natural oils.

Q: What do the special ingredients do?

A: Each of our shampoos is infused with with a premium natural ingredient that is designed to treat and help tackle environmental allergens. For example, our Healing Clay shampoo has natural bentonite clay, which is made from volcanic ash that is incredibly rich in nutrients. Its properties soothe irritations and aid the healing process, hence the name! You can read more about each ingredient here.

Q: If your product is natural, why does it have a preservative?

A: Good question! In a perfect world, we could sell you shampoos without preservatives, but that would be very unsafe. Without them, your shampoo could mold, and you don’t need us to tell you why that’s bad. However, our preservatives occur naturally in tea and are as close to our standards as possible.

Q: Can I use any of your shampoos on my cat too?

A: Okay, this is important. Cats can be very sensitive to essential oils — think like how dogs are with chocolate. To ensure your feline friend’s safety, please only use our products specifically designated for cats on the label. Our cat-safe products have only those essential oils that are vet tested for cat-safe dilutions. 

Q: Is your product safe to use every week?

A: Yes! Our shampoos are gentle and moisturizing enough to use as often as needed. Most dogs benefit from a weekly washing, but pups with a lower activity level (especially indoor dogs) can wait between 1-3 weeks because they aren't exposed to as many environmental allergens.