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You’re probably hearing the phrases “all-natural” and “organic” everywhere right now, across every single industry you can think of. And sure, it sounds nice to hear, but what does it all mean? And what exactly makes it better? Is it better at all?

Well, yes, it’s better. When kin+kind began in 2015, we set out to create natural products because our pups were having skin issues that commercial products just weren’t solving, but when we started formulating our own — poof! Coats got softer and brighter, hot spots melted away, and itching came to a screeching halt. It was like magic.

We know there’s tons of misleading information out there from questionable sources that make all kinds of claims about what “natural” products mean, but we’re not here to confuse or conflate anything. At kin+kind, we use natural and organic ingredients in our products because they work — pure and simple. Here’s why:

It’s better for you

    Most shampoos and soaps have sulfates, which are cleansing agents. While they aren't necessarily harmful, they really strip away everything from hair – both the good and the bad. This leaves your hair and scalp dry, and it makes your scalp overproduce oils.

    Parabens, chemical preservatives, are also very common in cosmetics. These can be especially dangerous to you and your pet, as they have been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. Um… excuse me? Not today, Satan.

    That’s why kin+kind only uses the gentlest natural soaps, which effectively clean the hair without stripping the natural oils. This helps keeps your scalp and hair more balanced and manageable, plus it saves you time and money because you don’t have to shampoo as often! Talk about a win-win.

    It doesn’t take – it replaces

    Because natural shampoo is so gentle, it doesn’t take away any of the good stuff. What’s even better, though, is that the plant-based glycerin actually helps draw and keep moisture on the skin so it help keep it nice and soft. This means that you’re not just taking away the dirt and grime; you’re replacing it with something better!

    For our products, we only scent with essential oils as well. While we can’t say that essential oils are going to cure anything (the jury is still out on all that, and we never want to mislead you), they do smell amazing and are super safe to use!

    Synthetic fragrances are just chemicals that smell good, but they’re still chemicals. Often, they’re petroleum based and absolutely ridden with all sorts of additives that have been linked to cancer and other disease. Essential oils eliminate that risk, plus they actually smell like real things! Goodbye, mall-kiosk Aqua-Whatever scent AND your super weird commercials that I’ve never fully understood.

    It’s better for the planet

    When you use a product that’s ridden with chemicals, you’re washing those chemicals down the drain and into the environment. If they aren’t even good for you, the person designed to use them, why would they be any better for the environment? Plus, when products have fewer chemicals, they require less processing. This leads to less waste, less work needed to produce the product, and a smaller carbon footprint for the process overall.

    Finally, using organic ingredients means you’re free of GMOs and the use of harmful farming practices that leave unknown substances in your products and have a negative impact on the planet, so you feel completely at-ease about what you’re using.

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