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Environmental Allergens

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Ahhhh, sunshine is finally here. After such a long, harsh winter, the warmer months brings us well-deserved relief, outdoor seating at restaurants, and… allergies?

We all get them, and by now we generally know how to take care of them. But our pets can get them too, and they have to rely on us to keep them healthy. Such is the life of being a pet parent. You can’t just give your pup some Claritin and be done with it, so what do you do?

Signs your pet has allergies

Pet allergies often go unnoticed because symptoms can seem similar to normal animal behavior, so look out for these tell-tale signs and take action sooner rather than later. You might be surprised how much calmer a dog can be when they’re finally comfortable in their skin!

  • Scratching - It seems so normal for dogs the scratch at themselves, and usually it totally is! I mean, what pup doesn’t love its scritches? If they’re doing it all the time, though, it’s worth looking into.
  • Biting - If you find your pup biting and chewing away at itself, chances are it’s allergies. You may even see some small bumps from them irritating their reaction, which can turn into hot spots if left untreated.
  • Hot spots - These are the bad boys. When a pup scratches, bites, and licks a spot too much, eventually a “hot spot” can show up. You’ll know it by its trademark nasty raw redness, and you can imagine it’s pretty miserable for them. If you see one of these, it’s time to take immediate action.

What to do

Lucky for you, taking care of these pesky little allergies can actually be quite simple. Give these easy steps a try, and you’ll almost certainly see improvement.

  • Cleaning your home - Sure, it’s basic, but it’s easy to forget that the air affects everyone in the home - pets included. We all may be guilty of thinking, “Sure, it’s good enough in here,” without taking into account that we're not the only ones living there. Keeping your castle clean is a sure-fire way to ease allergies and keep them at bay in the future.
  • Wiping down your dog after being outdoors - Ever look at the layer of pollen that covers cars in the spring? Yeah, that’s on you and your pup when you come back inside. Rubbing them down with a damp towel or a hypoallergenic wipe helps get that layer off between washes, and it goes a long way.
  • Bathing - Taking the time to bathe your pup once a week is a super easy way to kick allergies to the curb because regular bathing can remove up to 84% of allergens from the coat. It’s also great dedicated quality time with your buddy! Try a natural shampoo like our Charcoal Shampoo that will clean and moisturize the skin and coat, because dry skin can be really itchy too.
  • Treatment - If keeping clean isn’t quite cutting it, don’t worry! Treating allergies and hot spots is made easier with our Hot Spot Relief Stick. Tests have shown our special blend of essential oils to speed up the healing process, even completely healing hot spots in just three weeks!
  • Supplements - Having a well-balanced diet helps keep the skin and coat healthy, which then helps suppress itching. We recommend our Raw Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is a miracle of a supplement that helps the body absorb nutrients better to maximize your pet’s nutrition.

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  • Can you give me a quick how to. I was watching you on dr Morgan’s page and you said to soap dog up before using water then rinse. Is that correct way to use for best results?

    Vonette on

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