Puppy Kit
Puppy Kit

Puppy Kit




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Congratulations on your new pup! Time to be the best pawrents. Let us help. 

Grooming? Nutrition? We've got you covered. The kit includes grooming products and multivitamins suited for younger dogs to get them started on a natural and organic track. 

Think less, save more. Save over 15% when you get our puppy kit that includes:

  • Clean Ears (Dog Ear Cleanser) because floppy ears are cute, but bacteria are not.
  • Oatmeal (Unscented Shampoo) because let's be gentle on the newborn.
  • Lavender Calm (Odor Neutralizer) that's gentle enough for pup's coat, and strong enough for mum's furniture.
  • Raw VitaBoost (Multivitamins for Dogs & Cats) that's yummy and strengthens the immune system.