Our wholesale store has been closed.

Dear Buyer,

As announced via email, our wholesale store will be shut down from March 31, 2021.
kin+kind now offers distribution through Philips Pets in your territory. This means that you can get speedier fulfillment while reducing the environmental impact of small parcel deliveries.
Please email sales@kin-kind.com with any questions or if you need assistance setting up your distribution accounts.

Parcel Service

Retailers who prefer parcel service instead of truck delivery can order through regional distributors:

Northland Natural Pets (ships from MN):
- MOQ: no minimum; $500 for free shipping
- Additional Charges: Fuel surcharge of $7.50; orders under $500 are charged at regular UPS shipping rates

Fauna (ships from NY):
- MOQ: no minimum
- Additional Charges: Charged at UPS Ground Shipping rates

Southeast Pet (ships from GA):
- MOQ: no minimum
- Additional Charges: Charged at standard UPS shipping rates

Thank you so much and we look forward to you continuing to be a part of the kin+kind family.

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