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Our Ingredients

We believe that what goes in and on your body greatly affects your quality of life, which is why our products are made with natural and organic ingredients rather harsh chemicals and synthetics. We only add the finest natural ingredients and skip the rest, because our pets deserve the best. 

Pure and simple  the way nature intended.


Organic Aloe: derived from the aloe plant, aloe gel soothes and heals.

Organic Beeswax: rich in vitamin A, beeswax helps moisturize and heal the skin.  

Essential Oils: Our essential oils sourced from the United States, Australia, India, and Europe. They are therapeutic grade to give pups an aromatherapy lift each day. 

Organic Jojoba Oil: made from the seed of the jojoba bush, this oil moisturizes and is rich with vitamin E and antibacterial properties. 

Organic Coconut Oil: a balm to irritated skin, this oil also contains antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal agents that prevent infection and disease. Ours is organic, virgin, and cold-pressed to preserve it in its most pure and natural form. 

Organic Witch Hazel: used as a natural cleanser in lieu of alcohol, which would otherwise dry out and irritate pup’s skin

Organic Shea Butter: extracted from the nut of the shea tree, this oil is excellent all-natural moisturizer. It is naturally rich in vitamins A and E. 

Organic Tea Tree Oil: like coconut oil, tea tree oil is an all-natural source of antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Used in low concentration to prevent toxicity even if accidentally ingested. Products containing tea tree oil should not be used on cats. 


Essential Oils:  See (skin) above

Natural Preservative (phenoxyethanol and caprylyl glycol): It's a mouthful, but its natural. Phenoxyethanol can be found in green tea; caprylyl glycol is a fatty acid found palm and coconut oils. Together, they fight off invisible bacteria and microbe. This ensures that your natural products remain safe. Because there is no governmental oversight for the use of natural preservatives, we follow the highest self regulatory standards. Like all of our ingredients, our preservatives meet the Whole Foods Premium Body Care Standards for natural products. 

Potassium Citrate: A natural potassium salt derived from the citric acid of citrus fruits. It is used to regulate the PH levels.

Potassium Palm Kernel Acid: Extracted from the kernel of the palm fruit, this all natural, biodegradable moisturizing oil protects the skin.

Saponified Organic Olive Oil and Organic Coconut Oil: saponification is the transformation of oil into soap. We use organic oils for all-natural and gentle base to our shampoos.


Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Powder: heal and soothe irritated skin

Benzoic Acid: naturally occurring preservative

Betaine: A naturally-occurring humectant and cleanser derived from sugar beet molasses. It draws moisture to the skin and coat.

Citric Acid: naturally occurring PH control

Dehydroacetic Acid: naturally occurring preservative

Essential oils: See (skin) above

Lactic Acid: naturally occurring PH control

Natural oils (shea, olive, coconut, jojoba): add moisture to the skin and coat

Xanthan Gum: naturally occurring thickener

Vitamin E: nutrients

(flea | tick)

Essential Oils: These oils provide all-natural relief from fleas and tick. They are used in low concentration to prevent toxicity; but products containing clove or Eucalyptus oil should not be used on cats. 

Natural Preservative (phenoxyethanol and caprylyl glycol): Our Protect Spray is preservative free; our shampoo uses this preservative as explained in (coat) above

Organic Witch Hazel: See (skin) above


Organic Coconut: our non-GMO coconut is washed in pure, filtered water without chemicals and then dehydrated at low temperatures (below 98.6°F) to preserve its raw state with all of its natural nutrients. Our virgin coconut oils are made from the first pressing of fresh coconut without the addition of any chemicals. Compare RBD ("refined, bleached, deodorized") coconut found in supermarkets: dried in high heat, refined with lye, bleached with acid and alkaline clays, and then deodorized at high heat. This process removes much of the nutrients.