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Chapped Paws? We Can Help.

Ice. Salt. Hot streets. No problem.

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Chapped Paws? We Can Help.

Nose & Paw Moisturizer Testimonials



"Loving my Nose&Paw ๐Ÿ’•Put some on your paws to protect against ice, salt, hot asphalt and rough pavement and to moisturize your paws."



"We've tried a few products, but @kinandkind's Nose & Paw Moisturizer is one of my favorites! Because it is a stick, it is so easy to apply without my hands getting all oily! It is made of jojoba oil and shea butter that softens, moisturizes, and protects pup's nose and paw pads."



"Thanks to you, our ๐Ÿฝis beautiful and healthy again! And it apparently tastes good too ๐Ÿ™„always a plus in Leia's book โ˜‘๏ธ"



"Akira has super rough paws, and after the first day of using the soother on her paw pads you can see a huge difference. They were softer and smoother!"

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How We Help.

Moisturize, Soften, and Protect

Natural elements can be rough on your pet’s exposed skin. Nose&Paw moisturizes, softens and protects your pet's nose and paw pads against salt, ice, and hot asphalt. Organic beeswax attracts moisture while organic shea butter and organic jojoba lock it in. Organic aloe soothes and protects. Mess free roll-on application!

Certified USDA Organic

We believe that less is more, so we carefully select 100% natural ingredients to heal and protect without artificial additives.

Our USDA Organic seal guarantees that we keep GMOs away from your pets and harmful farming practices out of the Earth.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind each and every product. Each is vet tested and approved, and manufactured in our own U.S. facility by employees paid a living wage. 

If your pet is not 100% satisfied, send it back for a refund  of the purchase price, no questions asked. 

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Why kin+kind

Ingredient Focused

Natural products work better. That’s why we carefully select each ingredient without unnecessary processing and additives. Organic oils for soap. Essential oils for fragrance. Raw superfoods for supplements. Simple. Effective. Natural.

Pet Focused

Pets want to play, run, cuddle, kiss. You want them to be happy, healthy, and beautiful. We can help. To ensure that we are improving our pets' lives every day with the best products possible, everything we make is vet tested, cruelty free, and produced in our own U.S. facilities by employees paid a living wage.

Earth Focused

Green is good. Organic products protect not only our pets, but also our Earth. Organic ingredients and products are certified free of GMOs, chemical pesticides, and harmful farming practices. That means fewer chemicals in your pet’s care and in our air, ground, and streams.

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