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Why Raw Supplements

Raw Nutrition

Conventional feed is made at temperatures that kill nutrition, and often contains potentially unhealthy grain and starch fillers like corn, wheat, rice, and potato.

Raw foods are healthy alternative to kibble, but must be formulated to ensure complete nutrition. kin+kind is here to help!

Our supplements are prepared with low-heat and no heat methods to preserve maximum nutrition. They provide a perfect compliment to raw diets as well as conventional diets looking for an easy intro to raw nutrition. 

Real Superfoods

Real nutrition comes from real food. Artificial vitamins or additives lack their natural nutritional partners for maximum absorption and bio-availability.  

So boost your pet's diet with real, raw, superfoods. We start with 100% organic coconut and add nothing but nature's best organic superfoods. They're simple. They're beautiful. They're real nutrition for dogs and cats.

USDA Organic

To protect our pets and our environment, our certified USDA organic supplements are free from artificial ingredients, synthetic nutrients, preservatives, and chemical processing.


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Natural Treatments

Hip & Joint Support

Organic turmeric is a key component of golden paste due to its high concentration of curcumin, a natural anti-inflammatory. 

Ingredients: Organic Coconut (Philippines), Organic Turmeric (India), Organic Black Pepper (India)

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Urinary Tract Support

Antioxidant-rich berries promote healthy cells, urinary tract, and normal urinary pH, which may reduce struvite crystal formation.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut (Philippines), Organic Blueberry (India), Organic Cranberry (India)

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Digestive Support

High Fiber from pumpkin, flax seed, and coconut supports bowel regularity, while ginger supports healthy digestion.

Ingredients: Organic Flax Seed (India), Pumpkin (US), Organic Coconut (Philippines), Organic Ginger (India, Indonesia, or Peru)

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Immune System Support

Raw, USDA certified organic coconut, wheatgrass, and seaweed provide a host of essential minerals and nutrients to support the immune system.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut (Philippines), Organic Wheatgrass (Germany), Organic Seaweed (Taiwan)

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Why kin+kind

Ingredient Focused

Natural products work better. That’s why we carefully select each ingredient without unnecessary processing and additives. Organic oils for soap. Essential oils for fragrance. Raw superfoods for supplements. Simple. Effective. Natural.

Pet Focused

Pets want to play, run, cuddle, kiss. You want them to be happy, healthy, and beautiful. We can help. To ensure that we are improving our pets' lives every day with the best products possible, everything we make is vet tested, cruelty free, and produced in our own U.S. facilities by employees paid a living wage.

Earth Focused

Green is good. Organic products protect not only our pets, but also our Earth. Organic ingredients and products are certified free of GMOs, chemical pesticides, and harmful farming practices. That means fewer chemicals in your pet’s care and in our air, ground, and streams.

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"It's my favorite superfood, it's a supplement, it's a treat! A scoop a day keeps the vets away."



"Thank you for sharing 💕your supplements are the best."

"Knowing what goes into Kyro's food bowl every time I feed him is one of the best feelings for me. I know he's eating well, healthy, and getting the nutrition he needs without unnecessary chemicals or fillers." 



"We really like the texture of the supplement! My dogs are kinda picky with normal chewable supplements, so I really like that I could mix it into their food."