Itchy Kit
Itchy Kit

Itchy Kit




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Itchy dog? We can help.

It's heartbreaking to see your dog so itchy. We've got you covered.

Scratch less, save more. Save over 15% when you get our itchy kit that includes:

  • Clean Ears (Dog Ear Cleanser) because bacteria build up causes itchiness.
  • Hot Spot (Relief Stick) because those itchy spots need some soothing.
  • Nose & Wrinkles (Skin Balm) that's easy to apply on large areas to lock in moisture.
  • Medicated (Itchy Dog Shampoo) nature's medicines help remove allergens and heal irritations.
  • Raw Coconut Oil (Skin & Coat Supplement) because you've gotta be healthy inside to be healthy outside.